Nicolle Wallace: Calling Nunes and Giuliani Idiots is “An Insult to Idiots”

The United States and Russia have had a tense relationship for as long as any living American could remember. But that relationship took a strange turn during Donald Trump’s presidency.

Rather than seeing Vladimir Putin as an adversary, the 45th President seemed to look up to the Russian President. And some within his immediate circle fell in line.

This group included Rudy Giuliani, Ron Johnson and Devin Nunes. Congressman Sean Patrick Maloney went as far as calling Nunes a “Russian asset.”

Nicolle Wallace, though, isn’t so sure that it’s appropriate to call the 3 men useful idiots. In fact, the MSNBC host says, that would be an insult to idiots.

Wallace began, “It would be funny if it wasn’t so tragic. The fact their words echo Russian disinformation to hurt Joe Biden established beyond any doubt by the reports yesterday, the only remaining question is around witting or unwitting acts. The term ‘useful idiots’ can be slapped on them and was by Congressman Sean Patrick Maloney last hour, but that feels unfair to idiots.”

The host continued by talking about the Russian disinformation campaign pushed by Putin. She told viewers,  “The campaign all the more significant in the wake of what the report lays out, quote, a network of Ukraine-linked individuals took steps throughout the election cycle to damage U.S. Ties to Ukraine and denigrate President Biden and his candidacy. That sick feeling in your stomach isn’t lunch, it’s the reality that Putin got away with more than anyone understands so. We will spend years unpacking to what extent Trump may have cooperated.”