Democrats Are Ready To Hand Biden Another Big Win With Quick Infrastructure Bill

Democrats across the party in Congress are all jumping on board to quickly pass a massive infrastructure bill for Biden.

Jeff Stein of The Washington Post tweeted:

Democrats aren’t messing around. They aren’t going to sit back and wait for the stimulus to work and ride into the 2022 election. House and Senate Democrats will pass a massive infrastructure bill that will include the necessary funds to save the USPS.
Republicans under Trump used all of their political capital to pass a tax cut for the wealthy and corporations that were so unpopular that they couldn’t campaign on it. A $3 trillion infrastructure bill will inject money into local economies and be a job creator.

There are three major priorities that, if passed and enacted, will make Joe Biden‘s first year as president very successful. Biden has the stimulus bill done. Infrastructure is coming soon, and the last piece is a voting rights bill.

Democrats are putting together what will be a historic record of getting things done for the American people, and the infrastructure bill is the next big step in Biden’s transformative presidency.

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