Federal Prosecutors Investigating Ukrainian Officials For Election Interference For Trump

Federal prosecutors are investigating several Ukrainian officials for interfering in the 2020 election to help Trump.
The New York Times reported:

Federal prosecutors in Brooklyn have been investigating whether several Ukrainian officials helped orchestrate a wide-ranging plan to meddle in the 2020 presidential campaign, including using Rudolph W. Giuliani to spread their misleading claims about President Biden and tilt the election in Donald J. Trump’s favor, according to people with knowledge of the matter.

The criminal investigation, which began during the final months of the Trump administration and has not been previously reported, underscores the federal government’s increasingly aggressive approach toward rooting out foreign interference in American electoral politics. Much of that effort is focused on Russian intelligence, which has suspected ties to at least one of the Ukrainians now under investigation.

This is a separate criminal investigation from the one focused on Rudy Giuliani. In the new investigation, the focus is on current and former Ukrainian officials, at least one with a connection to Russia who tried to use Giuliani to spread false and misleading information about Joe Biden to help Donald Trump.

Trump’s campaign to draft Ukraine into helping him in the 2020 election appears to have worked. The Ukrainians did try to meddle in the election to help Trump. The difference is that both the American people and the media were smarter in 2020 than they were in 2016.

The Ukrainian election interference never made it outside of the conservative media bubble. Voters didn’t buy the smears, and neither did the media. Russia appears to have tried to launder their election interference through Ukraine, but it didn’t work, and under Biden, the federal government is going after foreign officials who interfere in US elections.

A big reason why Trump’s 2020 plot to cheat in the election failed was his first impeachment. Democrats didn’t get a conviction in the Senate, but what they did do was shine a light on Trump’s plot and debunk the lies about the Biden’s with the entire nation watching.

Trump cheated in 2016. He tried to cheat again in 2020 with foreign help, and if he runs in 2024, he will do it one more time. The difference is that the Biden DOJ will come after any foreign government that tries to interfere in an election to help Trump.

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