The World Loves America Again As US Favorability Soars Under Biden

A new survey of a dozen economically advanced countries found that trust in the US has grown by 57% and favorability by nearly 30% under Biden.

The Pew Research survey was reported on by The Washington Post:

Trust in the U.S. president fell to historic lows in most countries surveyed during Trump’s presidency, according to Pew.

Under Biden, it has soared. In the 12 countries surveyed both this year and last, a median of 75 percent of respondents expressed confidence in Biden to “do the right thing regarding world affairs,” Pew found, compared with 17 percent for Trump last year. Sixty-two percent of respondents now have a favorable view of the United States vs. 34 percent at the end of Trump’s presidency.

The US numbers on favorability reversed themselves as soon as the country dumped Trump.

Here is the turnaround in graphic form:

It wasn’t that the rest of the world didn’t like the former president because he was tough. The world didn’t trust him, because he was ignorant, ill-informed, uncaring, erratic, and arrogant. Trump put US interests last alienating allies and cozying up to the nation’s enemies.

The Pew survey also found that 75% of respondents trusted Biden to do the right thing compared to 17% for Trump.

Trump destroyed America’s global leadership and reputation. Joe Biden has brought them both back, and in the eyes of advanced economies made America great again globally.