WATCH: The Views Ana Navarro Rips Conservative Media Members Who Mock Jeffrey Toobin But Stay Silent About Trump

Republican lawmakers and those in Conservative media are often quick to criticize Democrats. They often do so, however, without thinking about what people on their own side are doing.

On Monday, for example, a group of GOP congresspeople called for the members of “The Squad” to be censured over comments on Israel. At the same time, Republican Rep. Matt Gaetz is still sitting on the House Judiciary Committee despite being under federal investigation.

Conservative media also ripped CNN last week for the decision to welcome back legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin. Ana Navarro ripped these members of the media asking where there outrage was when Donald Trump was accused of sexual misconduct.

Look, I think some instances of sexual harassment are black and white,” said the View host. “Some instances are more nuanced. He was not sexually harassing somebody — he didn’t have the intent to harass somebody. He was sexually harassing himself, maybe.”

Navarro continued, “He was on a Zoom call, it was an accidental exposure. It was not a CNN call. It was with The New Yorker, from where he has been terminated and faced consequences. He has been off CNN for many months during some of the elections, during some of the hottest political and legal times”

The host then turned her attention to right-wing media. “Something I would like to say, though, I saw a lot of people on the right come after CNN, come after Jeffrey Toobin. Look, man, if you’ve been supporting a president who we heard boast about sexual assault on video, a person who did hush-money payments to a stripper, then you have no moral standing to get full outrage over Jeffrey Toobin doing what he did.”

Watch a clip of the segment below, courtesy of The View: