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Joe Biden 2020

Biden’s Approval Rating Near 60% As Every Republican Attack Flops

A new poll released on Sunday shows that Republican attacks on President Biden have failed as his approval rating is 58%.

Biden Is 20 Points More Popular Than Trump Was

According to the latest CBS News Poll:

President Biden’s infrastructure proposals have a 59% approval rating, and by a margin of 51%-31%, respondents think that the expanded child tax credit will help them.

The Republican Attacks On Biden And His Agenda Have All Failed

The vast majority of Americans simply aren’t believing the Republican attacks on the President.

Republicans have tried to label Joe Biden a Marxist, a socialist, and an agent of the far left, and nothing has stuck. They have refused to vote for his proposals and have tried to claim that he is hurting the economy, and all of their broadsides have missed.

Joe Biden is popular because he is leading the nation out of a pandemic and rebuilding the economy while giving most Americans things that they have wanted, but Republicans always told them that they could never have.

Right-wing media has been working to bring down Biden, but the poll numbers suggest that their message has fallen on deaf ears outside of their supporters.

Only Barack Obama and Ronald Reagan have registered higher approval ratings after their first six months in the modern era.

Joe Biden is building a special presidency, and so far, Republicans have not been able to dent his popularity with the American people.


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