Trump Holding Next Rally In What Looks Like An Alabama Cow Pasture

The downward spiral continues for Trump as he has gone from playing football stadiums to what looks like an Alabama cow pasture in the middle of nowhere.

Trump’s Next Rally Is In A Giant Alabama Field

Trump’s Rallies Get Scant Media Attention And Look Like An Oldies Tour

It is unprecedented for a former president to hold rallies to undermine the current president, but Trump is increasingly following the trajectory of a one-hit-wonder who never scored a follow-up success.

The empty field may be a perfectly fine venue, but as a candidate in 2016, Trump was playing football stadiums in Alabama, so the fact that the former president will be playing his regional hits like “Lock Her Up,” “Build The Wall,” and “Stolen Election,” in an empty field seems like quite the comedown.

Trump’s oxygen was free mainstream media attention for everything that he did, but that is long gone now.

The failed former one-term president can’t be totally ignored because he has raised over $100 million to destroy democracy, so even if his rally is in a farm field in Alabama, the important thing is that he will draw an adoring crowd who act as foot soldiers in his war against America.

Trump is a stale oldies act, but he is an oldies act that is trying to end democracy.