Ron DeSantis Humiliates Himself By Accusing The AP Of Killing People With COVID In Florida

Gov. Ron DeSantis claimed that the AP will get people in Florida killed by reporting on his possible COVID corruption.

DeSantis Is Mad Because The AP called Him Out For Pushing A COVID Drug That His Top Donor Is Invested In.

Last week, the Associated Press published a story detailing how Ron DeSantis’s top donor is invested in the COVID treatment that Gov. DeSantis is pushing instead of vaccinations.

DeSantis is still angry, and he sent the AP a letter that borders on insane:

The kicker of this letter comes at the end when the Governor of Florida accuses the Associated Press of deterring individuals of getting lifesaving COVID treatment, and he warned that the AP would cost Floridians their lives.

DeSantis Is Trying To Blame The Media For His Destruction Of Florida.

The letter itself is heavy-handed and embarrassing. At a time when doctors in the state are protesting because their hospitals are being flooded with unvaccinated COVID patients, Gov. DeSantis is whining about a story that the AP did on his last week and trying to blame a news organization for killing people in the state that he is responsible for.

DeSantis continues to try to pull from the failed Trump playbook.

There is only one person who bears responsibility for the Covid catastrophe in Florida, and that is Ron DeSantis.