Chuck Schumer Just Completely Rejected Joe Manchin’s Call For A Reconciliation Pause

At a Wednesday morning press conference, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer rejected Sen. Joe Manchin’s call for a strategic pause on the reconciliation bill.

Schumer said:

Joe Manchin Won’t Turn Down Vital Infrastructure For His State

Majority Leader Schumer understands Joe Manchin’s game. Sen. Manchin is trying to get a few concessions that he can take back home to dark red West Virginia to show that he stood up to the “big-spending liberals.”

When push comes to shove, Schumer also knows that Manchin isn’t going to turn down desperately needed federal money for West Virginia.

The Senate Majority Leader is also not going to be held hostage by the whims and wishes of one senator.

Joe Manchin could vote against the reconciliation bill but all indications from every Democrat in leadership from President Biden on down suggest that when the final vote is taken, Joe Manchin will be a yes for the Biden agenda.