Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman: Trump Should Be Brought To Justice

Ret. Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman said on Sunday that Trump should be subpoenaed by the 1/6 Committee and brought to justice.

Video of Vindman:

Vindman said when asked by CNN’s Jim Acosta if Trump should be subpoenaed:

Absolutely. And now I have the privilege of saying that because I’m not an attorney, don’t have to understand all the difficulties, but on the same note, the president should be brought to justice, he’s not above the law. I felt that was the case when I reported a presidential wrongdoing and presidential abuse of power. And if he lies in front of the commission, then he should suffer the consequences. 

The problem is that he has not suffered the consequences. He has not suffered the consequences of an abuse of power in the first impeachment. Mismanaged covid, attempt to steal an election into the future. And also in the second — and after the insurrection he was not held accountable. 

What discourages him from continuing to behave as a future authoritarian leader attempting to entice Republican state governments from introducing legislation that allows them to overturn the will of the people that vote in one direction? We need accountability. It’s an open wound. Without accountability you can’t move forward. 

America Has A Gaping Wound That Won’t Heal Until Trump Faces Justice

The reason why President Biden has not been able to snap his fingers and move America forward is that the vast majority of the nation needs Trump to be held accountable. Whether that accountability comes in a courtroom in New York, Georgia, or Washington, DC, it does not matter.

The nation will not be able to heal and move forward until Trump stands before a jury of his peers.

Lt. Col. Vindman was correct. Donald Trump must face justice for his crimes.