Without The Presidency To Hide Behind, Trump Deposed For Hours On Assaulting Protesters

Trump is now a regular citizen and is starting to face accountability for his violent actions like the assault of protesters in 2015.

Trump Was Deposed For Hours In Lawsuit Accusing Him Of Ordering The Assault Of Protesters.

ABC News reported:

Former President Donald Trump sat for a deposition Monday at Trump Tower in New York City that lasted “several hours,” said an attorney for the plaintiffs suing him over an alleged assault.

“The deposition of Donald John Trump went not unlike any other deposition, any other employer that I’ve examined under oath,” the attorney, Benjamin Dictor, said.


“He answered questions the way you would expect Mr. Trump to answer questions and conducted himself in a manner you would expect Mr. Trump to conduct himself,” the attorney said.

Dictor’s comments suggest that Trump was hostile, rambling, incoherent, and completely unable to tell the truth because that is the Donald Trump that America got to see for years on the national stage.

Trump’s History Of Violence Started Long Before 1/6

It is a big day in America, as the House Select Committee investigating the 1/6 attack on the Capitol is expected to refer Steve Bannon for criminal prosecution for defying their subpoena, but the lawsuit is a reminder that Trump’s history of political violence goes back to his arrival on the national stage as a candidate.

Trump has encouraged his supporters to commit violent acts for him for years. He has threatened the country with violence repeatedly if he doesn’t get his way. He has praised racists who commit violence like in Charlottesville.

For Donald Trump, violence has always been a political weapon, and for the first time, he is being held accountable for his actions.