In Paranoid Meltdown, Rand Paul Claims Democrats Are Covering Up For Fauci

Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) claimed that Democrats are involved in a cover-up to protect Dr. Anthony Fauci because Biden may be compromised with the Chinese.

Video of Paul’s appearance on Fox News’s Sunday Morning Futures:

Paul said, “We are experimenting with something that could cause the demise of fifteen percent of the planet. This needs to have a discussion. Not one hearing, Democrats love Dr. Fauci so much that they will not have one hearing to investigate the origins of this virus.”

Host Maria Bartiromo chimed in with, “And Joe Biden spoke with Xi Jinping several times in the last several months, and not once did the origins of COVID come up. Why? Is he that compromised over China? Money going to him, and his family, and his son. What is going on with him that he will not bring it up?”

Paul answered, “It’s hard with President Biden to know whether it’s corruption or incompetence.”

The reasons for this collective paranoia on Fox News is that Rand Paul is trying to ride Fauci bashing to reelection in Kentucky, and Donald Trump owes tens of millions of dollars in loans to the Chinese national bank. In other words, Trump has been compromised by the Chinese Communist Party.

The last time Rand Paul tried to bring up his deranged COVID conspiracy theories at a hearing, Dr. Fauci smacked him down. Look for more of the same when Dr. Fauci returns to testify in front of the Senate on Thursday.