Trump’s MAGA Candidates May Hand Democrats Congress In 2022

All across the country, a series of Trump-endorsed candidates are endangering the GOP’s odds of winning in 2022.

Trump Is Primarying His Republican Enemies

Whether it is Rep. Liz Cheney in Wyoming or Gov. Brian Kemp in Georgia, Trump is trying to exert his authority over the Republican Party by primarying his imagined enemies in 2022. 

In Wyoming, his primary campaign appears to be failed. Even a Trump-endorsed candidate is struggling against the Cheney name in the state. Liz Cheney has been the most outspoken Trump critic in the Republican congressional caucus. If she wins her primary, it will send the message that Trump isn’t as all-powerful as he believes.

The situation in Georgia is much more dangerous for Republicans. Democrat Stacey Abrams is running for governor, but this hasn’t stopped Trump from David Perdue to run against Gov. Brian Kemp in what should be an expensive and brutal primary campaign that could hand the governor’s race to Abrams in the fall of 2022.

Trump Is Recruiting Terrible Candidates With Domestic Violence Records And Extremist Views

Many Trump recruited candidates have a common theme of being extremists who, in many cases, have domestic violence records. In Pennsylvania, Trump’s hand-picked US Senate candidate Sean Parnell dropped out of the race after a judge found that he likely abused his ex-wife and children. There are domestic violence allegations against Senate candidate Herschel Walker in Georgia, and those are just two examples of the Trump trend of rewarding domestic violence in 2022.

Trump Is Wrecking 2022 For The Republican Party

As Jennifer Rubin wrote in The Washington Post, running these extremists carry consequences for the GOP, “The party will be hampered in swing districts and competitive states in any effort to distance themselves from the disgraced former president. Their candidates will be repeatedly asked to declare their loyalty or independence from the unhinged cult leader who dominates the party.”

Republicans are getting stuck with a lot of bad candidates in potentially winnable races because of Trump.

The failed former president could be the greatest asset that Democrats have in 2022, not because of his name or presence in the race, but because his slate of unelectable candidates and desire for chaos may cost Republicans elections that history suggests they should win.

Trump has proven that he knows how to do one thing well.

Donald Trump is an expert at losing and costing his party elections.