Biden Blasts Republicans For Blocking Bills And Demands Congress Pass Voting Rights

President Biden called out Republicans for blocking voting rights bills and demanded that Congress pass the legislation.

Video of Biden:

President Biden said in South Carolina:

.We’re going to use VA facilities and open them up for everybody, and no one is going to stop anybody. But across the board. In addition, the Justice Department has doubled the voting rights enforcement staff, challenging the onslaught of state laws undermining the right to vote. We have supported Democrats fighting for voting rights since day one. Every time it’s brought up, the other team blocks the ability even to start to discuss it. That other team. They used to be called the Republican Party.

But this battle is not over. We must pass the freedom to vote act in the June Lewis voting rights act. We must. We’re going to keep up the fight until we get it done, and you’re going to keep up the fight, and we need your help badly.

Biden is using his bully pulpit to press the Senate to agree to a filibuster carve out on voting rights. The President is doing his part to try to get the legislation to his desk.

Biden’s calling out of the GOP as the former Republican Party was telling. The President is no starry-eyed dreamer. He sees the reality of what the Republicans are, and he is turning up the heat on Senate Democrats to pass voting rights.