Trump Just Realized That Water Moves

Trump had another one of his "moments," when announced that the flood water in North Carolina will be moving to South Carolina.

Hillary Clinton Send Shock Waves Through The GOP As Poll Shows Tie In South Carolina

A new poll shows that Hillary Clinton has a chance to turn deep red South Carolina blue in November, and in the process turn the presidential election into a blowout.

Bernie Sanders Congratulates Clinton But Vows To Fight On After South Carolina Defeat

Bernie Sanders congratulated Hillary Clinton, thanked his supporters, and vowed to fight on after losing the South Carolina Democratic primary.

Iowa’s Steve Deace Threatens to ‘Eunuch Himself’ Over Cruz Campaign

Iowa radio host Steve Deace has decided on a manly solution to Cruz's unmanly campaign performance by threatening to castrate himself

Sanders First Jew to Win a Presidential Primary

bernie sanders disloyal to obama abc this week

Bernie Sanders not only upstaged Hillary Clinton in New Hampshire, but Republican ideologies that would deny high office to non-Christians

Trump Kicks Muslim Woman Out of Event Because She Stood Up

A Muslim woman stood up in silent protest of Trump's attacks on Syrian refugees, and found herself escorted out to boos and catcalls

The GOP is Our Self-Made Punishment for Tolerating the Intolerable

The Republican Party has taken America for a nightmare ride, but this did not just happen overnight. We - Americans - let it happen

Lindsey Graham Voted Against Sandy Aid, But Demands Hurricane Money For South Carolina

South Carolina Republican Senator Lindsey Graham has become a convert, who now believes in federal aid for natural disaster victims.

South Carolina Not Feeling The Bern As Hillary Clinton Leads Bernie Sanders 66% to 12%

South Carolina isn't feeling the Bern. Instead, the state appears poised to serve as a firewall for Hillary Clinton.

Liberals Rise In The South As Bernie Sanders Draws Nearly 10,000 In South Carolina Visit

Bernie Sanders showed the power of a liberal message in a red state by drawing 9,200 supporters during a two-day campaign swing through South Carolina.

Bernie Sanders’ Red State Revolution Causes 2 SC Rallies To Move To Bigger Venues

Bernie Sanders Portland, Maine

In a statement, the Sanders campaign announced that two upcoming rallies in South Carolina had to be moved to larger venues after crowd projections outgrew the original locations.

South Carolina House Votes Overwhelmingly To Take Down The Confederate Flag

The final vote was 94-20 for removal and it came at 1:11 a.m. on Thursday morning.

Graham Is Right; Confederate Flag Represents Racist and Treasonous Republicans

Nearly a week after a true and loyal Confederate racist brutally murdered nine innocent African Americans worshipping in a building they assumed was a safe sanctuary from Confederates, and after several days of negative publicity and pressure, both Governor Haley and Senator Graham suddenly think that maybe a symbol of treason and racism is not playing well with decent Americans.

Bryan Fischer Claims Confederate Flag is a Democratic Problem

Fischer ignores 150 years of history since Lincoln, including the GOP's Southern Strategy to attract all the racists over to their party

John Oliver: The Confederate Flag Helps Us Identify the Worst People in the World

John Oliver said that the Confederate flag is one of those symbols that should only be used to help us identify the worst people in the world.

The Cockroaches Scatter: Ted Cruz Can’t Give Back Conservative Group’s Money Fast Enough

The Council of Conservative Citizens says blacks are "the laziest, stupidest and most criminally-inclined race in the history of the world"

Ted Cruz Whines as Republicans Get Called Out for Their Symbol of Racial Hate

Cruz says the flag is "a question for South Carolina" to decide but as I recall, that issue was settled in 1865 and SCs flag then was white

South Carolina Killer’s Apparent Manifesto Surfaces Revealing His Ugly Racist Views

Assuming that Roof wrote the manifesto, there can be no question that the mass shooting at Emanuel AME Church was motivated by racism.

Texas and South Carolina Take Two Very Different Views of the Confederate Flag

The State of Texas won't allow the Confederate flag on its license plates, while South Carolina won't even lower their's to half-mast

Lindsey Graham Says Rand Paul Nomination Would Put Him Into a Coma

With an almost comedic and absolute lack of self-awareness, Lindsey Graham claims Rand Paul is the GOP's looming disaster