Carly Fiorina’s Stunt To Taunt Hillary Clinton Outside South Carolina Hotel Backfires

Carly Fiorina

Republican presidential hopeful Carly Fiorina’s hastily arranged press conference outside a South Carolina Marriott Hotel where Hillary Clinton was speaking backfired on the former Hewlett-Packard Executive. Fiorina scheduled a press conference where Clinton was speaking so that Fiorina could continue her string of negative attacks against Hillary.

Bashing Hillary Clinton has been the dominant theme of Fiorina’s presidential campaign, but Fiorina’s stunt fell apart as she became irritated with reporters and fumbled her answers to a brief series of questions. After eleven minutes of fielding questions, Fiorina abruptly ended the press conference.

While it was obvious to reporters that Fiorina chose to hold her press conference to intentionally needle Hillary Clinton, Fiorina ended up on the defensive with reporters. Fiorina’s attempts to take barbs at Clinton fell apart when a reporter questioned her about appearing at a Clinton Global Initiative event in Denver in 2014. Fiorina tried to deflect by feebly responding:

Last year we didn’t know all the things that we now know about the Clinton Foundation.

When a reporter asked her if she was appearing at the hotel because Hillary Clinton was there, Fiorina improbably answered:

I planned this trip many, many weeks ago, so perhaps she’s following me. I have never been following Mrs. Clinton.

Understandably, reporters seemed unconvinced that Hillary Clinton was visiting South Carolina to follow Carly Fiorina, who is barely registering 1 percent of the vote in GOP primary polls. After struggling to answer several questions, a flustered Fiorina chastised reporters, saying:

I hope you will continue to be as aggressive with Mrs. Clinton, wherever she is.

Shortly thereafter, a Fiorina aide cut off the press conference just 11 minutes after it had begun. Carly Fiorina’s campaign lacks a defining message. While she is happy to play the GOP’s female “attack dog” who will go after Hillary Clinton, her inept campaign is reminiscent of her failed 2010 Senate campaign against Democratic Senator Barbara Boxer.

The failed press conference also serves as a reminder that Fiorina poorly managed Hewlett-Packard during her tenure as its CEO. While a single botched press event is rarely a make or break moment for a fledgling presidential campaign, Fiorina’s consistent record of failure is highlighted by her inability to gracefully handle some fairly predictable reporter questions. With her press conference so poorly mismanaged, Fiorina has once again demonstrated her lack of leadership ability.

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  1. did you see that one of her former execs who worked closely with carly, said, “they would rather work for isis, than carly.” shes bucking for a tv contract at fox. you can tell.

  2. You mean to tell me since she didn’t pay her former staffers for 4 years she found people who are willing to work for her? I hope they got their money upfront

  3. Fiorina’s short-lived “campaign” is not going to bolster her self-esteem. This likely began as an ego trip for a person who wants to be seen as competent and decisive. Maybe she fancied herself as an “I’m not Hillary” woman candidate for the GOP. She’ll waste a lot of other people’s money carrying out her mission as a heckler. I hope she’ll find a worthwhile, satisfying outlet for her energy and intellect after this life detour.

  4. She’s certainly NOT a politician, but she definitely is a rescumlican. The right has a semi full of rejects, frauds, and criminals, running or on the cusp of announcing. I guess she was the only woman they could get who met their low standards!

  5. Fiorina’s campaign is an attention-getter-money-grabbing-stunt while attacking Hillary in behalf of the Koch brothers..

    She was fired from Hewlet-Packard for poor
    management & for wire tapping her board, and got caught.
    During her H-P tenure, thousands of jobs went off shores, and her company diminished greatly in value.

  6. I imagine her goal all along has been to raise enough money through her PAC to pay for her plastic surgery. Because, otherwise, no one would recognize her.

  7. California rejected her TWICE, as senator and governor.
    HP fired her for her incompetence.

    She’s the GOPeeeees token WINO.

    Why on Earth women can be republicans is beyond me, I guess they love to be 2nd class citizens, used as doormats and have their vaginas unnecessarily probed.

  8. DAMN! be honest, aren’t you tired of this nonsense? the GOP isn’t a political party! ENOUGH already! the GOP is turned into a entertainment network for IDIOTS! I’m sorry! but I want this country to progress! move forward! After WW2 the USA was trying to become a beacon to the world! we made strides in CIVIL RIGHTS, WOMENS RIGHTS, hell, we even paid reparations Japanese americans who were unfairly imprisoned during WW2! of course BLACK PEOPLE didn’t get a DAMN dime! for being SLAVES! but america was progressing! BUT since 1980 it’s been going BACKWARD! REAGAN was a CLOWN, bush sr. was so so, bush jr? ENOUGH SAID!! Now it’s 2015 and the GOP CLOWN BUS just keeps picking up GRIFTERS! ENOUGH! carly isn’t interested in being president! neither are the other 10 or 15 HUSTLERS! this is about padding their media portfolio! it’s about getting BOOK DEALS, higher speaking FEE’s! carly knows her HP experience completely destroys ANY creditably she EVER had! ENOUGH GOP ENOUGH!

  9. She’s the adult version of “Mean Girls”. During her failed race for Senator, she was caught on open mic making fun of Barbara Boxer’s hairstyle. This adolescent attitude doesn’t serve her well. Hopefully, she’ll be off our radar soon.

  10. Misleading article. First, Ms. Fiorina spoke an hour BEFORE Ms. Clinton’s appearance. Second, Ms. Fiorina’s long-scheduled event was at a venue only a few blocks from the Marriott at which Ms. Clinton appeared. Thus, it was merely taking advantage of the coincidence of proximity for Ms. Fiorina to hold an impromptu press conference – cut off, not because of embarrassing questions, but to conform to schedule. Third, how was a “failed” event when it got coverage, diluted Ms. Clinton’s coverage and gave Ms. Fiorina’s message air time?

  11. Here we go AGAIN! you can ALWAYS count on republican TROLL extraordinaire ”@charlie”to sugarcoat ANY and EVERYTHING his plastic idol republicans say or do! see @charlie among his many problems actually believes he’s intelligent! LMFAO. @charlie reputation is sitting at the bottom of the sea, just like a Titanic!! BTW @charlie, the ACA is a phenomenal success!! contrary to your expert predictions. Anyway, anyone that can’t see that the GOP is nothing but a CON GAME for GRIFTERS! and SOCIOPATH’S, obviously are dumber than a rock! Wouldn’t you think, any adult with a IQ over 45 calling themselves republicans, be completely embarrassed of the GOP? NOPE! not @charlie, see @charlie, OLD AGE and a huge dose of WHITE PRIVILEGE has betrayed YOU! your cheerleading for a party who LOOKS like YOU but couldn’t give less than a DAMN about YOU! wake up @charlie.

  12. Do you really think the five maybe six people who support her don’t have some kind of mental disability? Her background certainly isn’t a shining example she can run on, although she’s giving it a whirl! I would suggest she not have any fundraisers that include dinner. If you get my drift.

  13. Not a very likeable person, it seems.
    Mean and spiteful.
    No message, no clear goals….all she has is sneering, gnashing at the teeth remarks for Hillary. That’s It!

  14. But Alf was kinda cute due to his personality, you couldn’t help but love him. Carly Fiorina is never going to grow on anyone unless it’s like a contagious rash!

  15. Diluted HRC’s message?! I heard about Hillary’s campaign being in South Carolina on 4 different channels yesterday and NONE of them mentioned Fiorina. There is no comparison between the two of them. Fiorina is polling at 1% or less, she’s of no consequence to anyone else who’s running, let alone Hillary Clinton.

    Only someone with Fiorina’s overinflated ego would transition from a losing Senate campaign to a run for the Presidency. You have to be delusional to not see the writing on the wall and Fiorina clearly is delusional, not to mention, a cheap M.F’ing witch for not paying her staff for years after they worked so hard for her. How dare she run for office after cheating her staff out of their pay and even bring up the subject of equal pay?!

  16. you’re defending the one who was fired from HP for shipping at least 18,000 jobs offshore? Yes, that was EIGHTEEN THOUSAND and it was during the downturn of the economy just after 9/11.
    Also the bay area was still realing from the dot com bust.

    California REJECTED her TWICE, we know what a canniving and manipultive twit she is. She has NEVER been elected to any office.

    Carly Fiorina Sugarcoats Her Disastrous Tenure At HP
    Fiorina Fired At Least 18,000 HP Employees

  17. He can’t be staring at her cleavage, since she doesn’t have any. She has NO accolades to speak of, so all she can do is ATTACK Hilliary.

  18. She has NO accolades to speak of, never been elected to any office, so all she can do is ATTACK Hillary.

  19. Apparently when Alf’s 8 stomachs are bulging full, it gives him the appearance of cleavage…

    or so I’ve been told…

  20. Just a nit to pick WRT your claim that Fiorina’s luncheon at a Hilton was just a short stroll in her Pradas – “only a few blocks from the Marriott”.

    Columbia has two Hiltons (only one Marriott) – but even the closer one is over THREE MILES away.

    The further one is over SIX MILES away.

    Now THOSE are some mighty BIG BLOCKS you’re talking about for Carly just to be “happening by”.

    Facts … they have such a LIBERAL bias!

  21. The other CEO trying to gain more ego stroking and money by threatening to run for president, balding Trump, suffers from the same overwhelming narcissism and hubris carly has always displayed as a failed ceo and a failed political contender. I can knowingly project these same traits of failure and then denial of failure are pretty common in CEOs.

  22. To all the repurg candidates and especially ms. fiorina stop wasting your limited time on the public stage with knocking Hillary Clinton. Instead tell the voting public what YOU plan on doing if you’re elected to this high office. You never put your adversary’s name in the public, never mention Ms. Clinton’s name or any of her made up scandals. Focus totally on you and your candidacy, giving your opponent free ad time not good. Just saying.

  23. Carly is so lovable, when I see her, I just want to feed her a couple carrots and take that saddle blanket off and brush her neck mane.

  24. Eleven minutes? Isn’t that how long she’s ever thought about anything besides lining her pockets?

  25. Reply to knight4444

    Here we go AGAIN!

    You’re looking for me I believe, supersleuth.

    The evil twin.

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