Nicolle Wallace Fingers Trump For Running Fake Electors Plot

MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace explained how the fake electors plot was run from the top-down, and the through-line was Trump.


Wallace said on MSNBC’s Deadline: White House:

Donald Trump is the through-line. Donald Trump was in the Oval with John Eastman on the 5th, telling Pence what to do. Donald Trump was running Rudy Giuliani telling the electors what to do.

Donald Trump went on rally stages in Georgia and said if Mike Pence does the right thing. The right thing meant — I don’t know if phony or fraudulent is the right thing. There was no fraud. There’s no reason for any state to have alternate electors, and yet there were seven. The only reason there were seven is that John Eastman in the Oval with Donald Trump said, here’s seven you need. That’s how far behind you are. The whole thing seems top-down-driven. There’s no way that just seven random states that lost bigly if you will came up with, let’s just fake it.

The 1/6 Committee subpoenaed the 14 state leaders of the fake Trump elector delegations. The conspiracy did not start with the state electors, but each of the electors can fill in a valuable piece of the puzzle, which is who was behind the conspiracy to fraudulently use fake electors?

Nicolle Wallace was right. All of the evidence points to Donald Trump being at the head of the criminal conspiracy. The Committee isn’t interested in prosecuting the 14 fake electors. That’s a job for state and federal law enforcement.

The Committee wants answers and the people subpoenaed on Friday could confirm who was behind the 1/6 plot.