Judge Rules Trump, Ivanka Trump, And Donald Trump Jr. All Must Testify In NY Fraud Investigation

Trump and his two adult children, Ivanka Trump and Donald Trump Jr., all must sit for depositions within three weeks in the NY fraud investigation.

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Trump And His Kids Must Testify In New York Fraud Case

The AP reported:

 Former President Donald Trump must answer questions under oath in New York state’s civil investigation into his business practices, a judge ruled Thursday.

Judge Arthur Engoron ordered Trump and his two eldest children, Ivanka and Donald Trump Jr., to comply with subpoenas issued in December by New York Attorney General Letitia James.

Trump and his two children must sit for a deposition within 21 days, Engoron said.

Trump’s Legal Problems Get Even Worse

Donald Trump’s legal problems just got a lot worse. The New York state fraud investigation is civil in nature, but perjury is still illegal. For years, lawyers representing Trump have done everything that they could to keep him far away from the witness stand, because he is a perjury charge waiting to happen.

The depositions that AG James is conducting could provide more information to the criminal investigation into Trump’s business that is ongoing in Manhattan because both the state and local investigations are sharing information.

Donald Trump claims that these investigations are a conspiracy against him, but the reality is that these investigations are happening because the Trumps have been potentially engaged in criminal activity for decades.

The facade of wealth and success is crumbling on Trump, as the potential con that was the source of his cash is systematically being revealed.

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