Rick Scott Leads Senate Republicans To Doom With Plan To Raise Taxes On 40% Of Americans

Sen. Rick Scott (R-FL) is running the Senate Republican effort in 2022, and the tax plan that he wants Republicans to run on would raise taxes on 40% of Americans.

Rick Scott Wants Senate Republicans To Run On Raising Taxes On 40% Of Americans

A study of Scott’s plan by the Institute On Taxation And Economic Policy revealed:

A recent suggestion from Sen. Rick Scott, the chairman of the National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC), to require all Americans to pay federal personal income taxes would increase taxes by more than $1,000 on average for the poorest 40 percent of Americans. The share of households facing tax increases would vary across states, from a low of about 24 percent in Washington State to a high of about 50 percent in Mississippi.

The states most affected, where more than 40 percent of residents would face tax increases, are located mostly in the south: Mississippi, West Virginia, Arkansas, Louisiana, Alabama, Kentucky, Oklahoma, Georgia, New Mexico, South Carolina and Sen. Scott’s home state of Florida.


The only possible interpretation of Sen. Scott’s proposal is that everyone who has negative federal income tax liability under current law would instead have federal income tax liability of at least $1. The EITC and Child Tax Credit would no longer provide households with negative income tax liability, meaning no one would receive money from the IRS after they file their tax return. The most significant effects would be felt by the poorest 40 percent of Americans.

The Richest 1% Would Pay Nothing Extra In Taxes

According to Sen. Scott’s plan, the bottom 40% in earnings would pay at least $1,000 in federal taxes. For people on Social Security, let’s say of $1,000/month, they would pay one of their Social Security checks a year in federal taxes.

The top 1% would see no tax increase. The top 4% would see their taxes increase by $10, and the top 15% would see a $30 tax increase.

Rick Scott has a tax the poor plan, and he is expecting Senate Republicans to run on it in the midterms.

Rick Scott’s Plan Is A Disaster For Republicans

Mitch McConnell and Scott are openly feuding over the plan, which McConnell said will never happen if Republicans win back the Senate. Scott’s plan also includes ending Social Security and Medicare.

If Republicans run on this scheme in the midterm, they will be slaughtered.

As it stands, the Democratic campaign ads write themselves.

Republicans are laying it all out. Should they win the Senate majority, they want to tax the poor.

It is a bad idea that could cost them any chance of winning the Senate majority.

Rick Scott gets called out as a debt hypocrite
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