Biden Shows Republicans How Wrong They Were As He Calls For Putin War Crimes Trial

President Biden called for Vladimir Putin to be charged with war crimes as Russians massacre civilians in Ukraine.


Biden said in response to the war crimes committed by Russian troops in Bucha, “Remember, I got criticized for calling Putin a war criminal. Well, the truth of the matter, you saw what happened in Bucha, This warrants, he is a war criminal, but we have to gather the information. We have to continue to provide Ukraine with the weapons they need to continue the fight, and we have to gather all the details so that we can actually have a war crimes trial. This guy is brutal and what happened in Bucha is outrageous, and everyone’s seen it.”

When asked if he thought this was genocide, Biden answered, “I think it’s a war crime.”

Genocide is a war crime, so President Biden was correct to frame it that way.

If Putin is an indicted war criminal, he may never be able to leave Russia again without risking arrest.

Biden Was Right. Republicans And The Media Were Wrong

The media and Republicans tried to make a scandal out of Biden, saying that Putin is a war criminal and had to go. After seeing the crimes that Putin’s military are committing under his direction in Ukraine, Republicans and their corporate media lapdogs were wrong.

President Biden had it correct the whole time. Putin is a war criminal who can’t remain in power. Saying that an authoritarian can’t remain in power is not the same as saying the United States is pushing for regime change in Russia because that is not the policy of the United States government.

Instead of drumming up phony scandals, Republicans and the media would be wise to join the effort in stressing to the Russian people that Putin has to go.