Obama Shines In His Return To The White House To Celebrate The ACA

President Obama’s return to the White House was a memorable moment as he, President Biden, and Vice President Harris discussed steps to strengthen the ACA.

Former President Obama opened with a joke as greeted Biden as Vice President:

Obama talked about the ACA and progress:

I’m a private citizen now. But I still take more than a passing interest in the course of our democracy. But I’m outside the arena. And I know how discouraged people can get with Washington. Democrats, Republicans, Independents. Everybody feels frustrated sometimes about what takes place in this town.

Progress feels way too slow sometimes. Victories are often incomplete. And in a country as big and diverse as ours, consensus never comes easy. But what the Affordable Care Act shows is that you are driven by the core idea that together we can improve the lives of this generation and the next. 

And if you are persistent, if you stay with it and are willing to work through the obstacles and the criticism, and continually improve where you fall short, you can make America better. You can have an impact on millions of lives. You can help make sure folks don’t have to lose their homes when they get sick, that they don’t have to worry whether a loved one is going to get the treatment they need. 

President Joe Biden understands that. He has dedicated his life to the proposition that there is something worthy about public service, and that the reason to run for office is for days like today. So I could not be more honored to be here with him as he writes the next chapter in our story of progress.

Clip of Obama speaking at the White House:

Obama, Biden, and Harris were together to announce a rule fix to the “family glitch” that would give 200,000 people access to coverage, and lower premiums for 1 million others.

It was great to see Obama back at the White House, and it does make it feel like the brief Trump interruption was nothing more than a bad dream.

If Joe Biden had chosen to run for president in 2016 and defeated Trump, the scene we saw in 2022 could have been a reality in 2017.

The scene of Obama back at the White House with Joe Biden was a comforting and hopeful sight.