President Biden Tests Positive For COVID But Only Has Mild Symptoms

The White House announced that President Biden has tested positive for COVID. The President only has mild symptoms and is expected to fully recover.

Here is the letter from the White House physician:


President Biden’s positive diagnosis is a reminder that even though the American people are doing their best to move on, COVID cases are on the rise and the virus is still very much with us.

The good news is that vaccines and new treatments mean that contracting COVID doesn’t have to be a life-threatening event.

With new variants, COVID is even easier to catch.

For people like President Biden, who has been fully vaccinated and boosted, COVID will be more of an inconvenience. For the unvaccinated, COVID remains life-threatening. illness.

President Biden’s positive COVID test shows why it is smart to get vaccinated because the pandemic isn’t gone, no matter how much some people want to pretend like the coronavirus is a thing of the past.