Trump Humiliated As 0 People Show Up To Protest Outside FBI

Conservative media was pushing a pro-Trump protest outside of the FBI on Sunday, but no one showed up.

Zachary Petrizzo of The Daily Beast tweeted:

There were warnings earlier in the week that the conservative media protest was destined to fail as Trump supporters did not want to protest because they were afraid of being arrested.

Trump has become enraged because his supporters and the Republican Party have not run to his defense.

One of the lessons that some Trump supporters have learned after 1/6 is blindly rushing to support Donald Trump can get them arrested, so it appears that the failed former president has greatly overestimated his power to turn those who voted for him into a personal army.

There are zealots who follow him the man in Cincinnati who tried to attack an FBI office, but those people, while very disturbed and dangerous, are not the majority.

Trump was already enraged about what he thought was a lack of support after the FBI search of Mar-a-Lago. The unmissable message that is being sent is that a substantial number of Republicans have moved on from Donald Trump and have little interest in helping escape justice for his criminal antics.