Donald Trump Jr. Posts Bizarre Picture Redacting His Dad’s Penis

Things are not going well in the land of Trump as Donald Trump Jr. reacted to the release of the redacted affidavit by redacting his father’s privates.

Donald Trump Jr. posted:

The suspicion is that the Trump family will someday make for a fascinating case study in abusive and dysfunctional family dynamics.

There are so many questions raised by Trump Jr.’s post. Why is Donald Trump Jr. obsessed with his dad’s penis? Is he really so desperate for attention from his father that he would post this? What kind of an idiot thinks that showing defiance to the Justice Department will end well?

The Trump family is in a situation where they don’t have the power. The Trumps can’t effectively message against the Justice Department. Without Donald Trump in the Oval Office, they don’t have the large platform necessary to push back on investigations.

Trump has not seen the Republican Party run to his defense, and efforts by Fox News to counter-message for him have not escaped the right-wing media bubble.

All they have left is Donald Trump Jr. tweeting photoshopped pictures of his morbidly obese daddy on the golf course that emphasize his genitals.

The Trump machine was once feared, but it is now Donald Trump Jr. and a meme maker showcasing his daddy issues for the world to see.