Former Defense Secretary Says Trump Has Already Done Enough To Be Prosecuted

Former Defense Sec. William Cohen said that having the classified documents in his possession is enough to prosecute Trump.



Cohen said, “The fact he had those documents in his possession is offense enough subject to criminal prosecution. If I had had those in my house after leaving office, I would be in handcuffs by this time. I think the Justice Department has gone out of its way to show to the former president no president in history would have behaved in this fashion or had behaved in this fashion. I think the Justice Department is going about it very methodically. I think that time has come to an end.”

Trump creates environments of irrationality and chaos, so his most significant problem that the Justice Department is rational and methodical. When Trump took the classified documents, he committed a crime. The Justice Department has already proven that Trump had the documents. Donald Trump has admitted to having the documents, so using politics to muddy the waters and gum up the works can only get Trump so far.

Should the Justice Department decide to indict Trump for possession and mishandling of classified information, they likely have an open and shut case. The documents were in Trump’s possession. He has admitted to taking them. The why doesn’t matter.

Former Sec. Cohen was right. Anyone would have been cuffed and charged by now. It is time to stop treating Trump like an ex-president and start treating him like an alleged criminal.