Trump Is Under Investigation For Illegal Use Of Photo With Pennsylvania State Police

Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf (D) has announced an investigation into Donald Trump’s public use of an unauthorized photo with some Pennsylvania State troopers.

Penn Live reported:

Gov. Tom Wolf is investigating after former President Donald Trump published a photo of himself posing with dozens of uniformed State Police troopers on his social media website when the picture was supposed to be private.

Wolf’s press secretary Elizabeth Rementer told PennLive “according to PSP, this was a private photo opportunity with the former president and it was not approved for use by the former president for public purposes. The administration is looking into the matter.”

Before anyone can say First Amendment, the problem is that Pennsylvania State troopers are prohibited from appearing in political photographs while in uniform. Any troopers could have appeared out of uniform in a photo with Trump, but that would be useless to the former president. Trump is trying to sell strength while he is under criminal investigation, so he needed those troopers in uniform around him.

The troopers who appeared in this photograph in uniform could all face disciplinary action.

Nothing will happen to Trump and his staff for posting this photograph, but as has become the norm, anyone who follows Trump or does his bidding faces the consequences.