Armed Man In Clown Wig Storms Western PA Dairy Queen Vowing To Kill Democrats And Restore Trump As King

An armed man wearing a clown wig stormed into a Dairy Queen in Delmont, PA saying that he was working undercover to kill Democrats and liberals and restore Trump as king.

Via: KDKA (CBS News Pittsburgh):

This past Saturday is when Delmont police said Stawovy walked into a Dairy Queen on State Route 66 in a yellow safety vest and rainbow clown wig. Callers told police he had a gun. Within a minute, Officer Gregory Stull was there.  


Police found a loaded .40 caliber handgun and ammo on him. Stawovy allegedly told police he was “undercover” and he was “working to restore Trump to president king of the United States.” He said he was armed to “kill Democrats and liberals” and to protect himself from “drug traffickers.” Investigators got a search warrant and found two more guns in his car along with 62 rounds of ammo.  

As a Western Pennsylvania, my first reaction to the story was that sounds about right.

Delmont is located about 15 minutes from where Trump frequently holds his rallies in this part of the state. Trump will call his rallies Pittsburgh rallies but they are not really in Pittsburgh. Trump has his rallies in places near where the armed Trump supporter attacked the DQ, like Murrysville and Greensburg, PA.

Trump supporters report having worse mental health outcomes, and studies have shown that the former president’s supporters have a “shared psychosis” with him.

When those in Pennsylvania stress how well John Fetterman or, in 2020 Joe Biden was faring in these parts of the state, this is the sort of situation they are up against.

The gun-toting, clown-wig-wearing DQ attacker who wanted to restore “King Trump” obviously has some mental health issues, but Trump attracts unstable extremists, and without the quick arrival of local law enforcement, the situation could have easily turned tragic and deadly.