Eric Swalwell Vows To Keep Fighting Even If Kevin McCarthy Kicks Him Off Committees

Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA) won’t stop fighting against Trump and MAGA even if Kevin McCarthy kicks him off his committees.

Swalwell tweeted:

Kevin McCarthy tried and failed to kick Rep. Swalwell off the Intelligence Committee. He has vowed to strip Swalwell of his committee assignments once Republicans officially take back the majority.

Kevin McCarthy has it out for Eric Swalwell because Rep. Swalwell is suing Donald Trump over the attack on the Capitol. McCarthy and Marjorie Taylor Greene want to punish Swalwell because he is taking on Trump and trying to hold him accountable in court for the 1/6 attack.

Removing an experienced and competent member of the House from his committee assignment is about pleasing Donald Trump and getting revenge on those who seek to hold him accountable.

It won’t matter if Eric Swalwell and Adam Schiff lose their committee assignments because the House majority that is coming into power looks temporary.

Republicans got control of the House due to gerrymandering, and in 2024 one should expect that if Trump is at the top of the Republican ticket, Democrats will roll back into the majority.