Mike Pence Says He Wants To Replace The New Deal With A Better Deal And Privatize Social Security

Mike Pence’s tiny chance of ever being elected president took another hit as he announced that he wants to privatize Social Security.


Pence said on Fox News, “I will admit to you that we have to have a conversation about reforming entitlements in the days ahead. I think we can replace the New Deal programs with a better deal in Social Security, you can keep all of the promises that you made to seniors. People that will retire within the next twenty years, no changes, gives options to younger Americans to invest a portion of their Social Security earnings into a private savings account. Let them get a better deal, is I think an idea whose time will come.”

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Republicans like Pence seem to think that by assuring today’s seniors that they aren’t going to take away their Social Security right now, they are making everything alright with their plan to get their hands on Social Security’s $2.9 trillion reserve and turn it over to millionaires and billionaires.

What happens to the retirement savings of people who are still paying into the system if the market goes down? Pence is suggesting that there will no government protection, and if you lose your funds that you’ve paid into Social Security, too bad.

Republicans aren’t trying to hide it. The goal is to kill Social Security as we know it and redistribute that money to the wealthiest Americans. Social Security is not in crisis, and Republicans are costing themselves the 2024 election by coming after one of America’s most beloved programs.