Trump Rally Crowd Cheers Ted Nugent Calling Zelenskyy A Homosexual Weirdo

Ted Nugent got big cheers at the Trump Waco rally for calling Ukrainian President Zelenskyy a homosexual weirdo.


Nugent said, “I want my money back. I didn’t authorize any money to Ukraine to some homosexual weirdo. I want my money back.”

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Ted Nugent should understand that federal government doesn’t work like he buys his Ivermectin online, and Nugent doesn’t get to authorize what the federal government spends. There is a lot of homophobia being tossed around by the warm up acts for Trump in Waco.

President Zelenskyy is not a weirdo, or gay, but to Ted Nugent apparently, anyone who is fighting to stop Putin from taking over their country is weird.

It is also important to remind everyone anytime that Ted Nugent opens his mouth that he is self-confessed statutory rapist.

Trump’s Waco rally should hang a Russian flag behind the stage and put pictures of Putin on the screens because it has been decades since there has been such a blatantly un-American and anti-democratic event held on US soil.

If Ted Nugent is going to start demanding refunds, he better hope that the American people don’t start demanding their money back for all of the crappy music he has put out.

Most Americans prefer musicians who aren’t actively working to destroy democracy.