Merrick Garland announces motion to unseal Trump Mar-a-Lago warrant at the Justice Department

Merrick Garland Rejects Trump Request And Doesn’t Meet With His Lawyers

Trump requested that Attorney General Merrick Garland meet with his lawyers, but Garland did no such thing.


MSNBC reported, “It’s our understanding the attorney general was not a part of this meeting despite the former president’s attorney asking to get a meeting with him. They did not get a meeting with him today we’re told. All this, of course, as the investigation appears, appears I should say because not definitely, appears to be entering a final stretch. ”

Trump Wanted Special Treatment From Garland And He Didn’t Get It

Trump tried to request a meeting with Merrick Garland because such a request represents the former president’s level of entitlement. Donald Trump is used to getting special treatment, so of course, he thought that the Attorney General of the United States would sit down and meet with his lawyers.

Donald Trump would have loved for Attorney General Garland to get involved because then he could have used such a meeting as evidence that he was being politically targeted by President Biden.

AG Garland was not going to play along with those sorts of political games. There was no chance that he was going to sit down and meet with the Trump legal team.

Trump tried to go around Special Counsel Jack Smith and appeal to his boss, but Merrick Garland wasn’t having it.

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