Cable news focuses on Titanic sub instead of Adam Schiff censure.

Cable News Mostly Ignores Adam Schiff Censure To Cover Missing Titanic Sub

The big House Republican move to boost Trump was largely ignored, as cable news stuck with talking about the missing Titanic sub.

Here is how CNN covered the Schiff censure:

The censure got about a minute of coverage on CNN’s 7 PM hour, which was more than it got on MSNBC at 6 or 7 PM. CNN spent nearly half an hour on the Titanic sub, 5 minutes or so on Trump, a little bit of time on Ukraine, then back to the missing sub.

The Schiff censure was all over Newsmax and will get tons of play on Fox News, but overall, the censure of Adam Schiff has fallen into the predictable media pattern of House Republicans doing things to help or appease Trump that don’t get noticed outside of the right-wing media bubble.

House Republicans have been complaining about how their stories don’t get any traction outside of conservative media.

The reason why is that Republicans in the House are either pushing Russian disinformation like the Biden bribery allegation, or they are engaging in heavy-handed partisan stunts like censuring Adam Schiff.

Kevin McCarthy’s Trump appeasement can’t compete with the drama of a missing sub near the Titanic wreckage.

Republicans tried to generate attention and help Trump. They have again failed.

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