Kari Lake claims Trump is a giant who is outsmarting the DOJ

A Deranged Sounding Kari Lake Claims Trump Is Outsmarting The DOJ

Kari Lake called Trump a giant who is playing chess while the DOJ is playing checkers.

Kari Lake said on Newsmax:

Well every single thing they’ve thrown at him. He’s turned it right back in their face, and he’s proven to be right. They’re wrong. They’re just they’re just trying to bring him down. And you can’t bring down a giant like Donald J. Trump and I’ll be honest. I think he would welcome that indictment. He would welcome a trial.

I think you said it would be the trial of the century. I don’t think that when they thought of all of that, and maybe during those meetings with his attorney, the attorneys brought it up and said, Do you really want this Because it’s going to come right back in your face. They’re playing checkers and President Trump is playing, you know chess at the highest level, so I don’t think they want to pick a fight with him. 


Kari Lake’s comments demonstrate why the Trump faithful are never going to leave him. It doesn’t matter how often the former president is indicted or what evidence is presented against him. People like Kari Lake will stick with Trump until he is hauled off to prison in handcuffed.

The problem for the Republican Party is that Trump’s true believers, like Lake only make up about 30% of the country. A political party can’t win elections with 30% support.

Trump is apparently outsmarting Jack Smith by allegedly committing lots of crimes and leaving plenty of evidence for investigators to find.

Donald Trump’s only plan is to win back the White House and make the federal criminal prosecutions disappear.

The former president has no grand legal strategy. He and his supporters are deflecting and embracing conspiracy theories about the Bidens because there is no logical explanation for his crimes. As long as his supporters keep believing, Trump will remain in control of the Republican Party.

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