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Special Counsel Jack Smith and former President Donald Trump

Trump Gets Closer To Jail As Jack Smith Alerts Judge To Social Media Threat

Within a few hours, Special Counsel Jack Smith had reported Donald Trump’s threat posted on social media to the court.

Scott MacFarlane of CBS News tweeted:

It is important to note that federal prosecutors aren’t asking the judge to change the terms of Trump’s release, and they have not requested that the former president be remanded, but if Trump were to continue along his current path, the judge could decide to remand him and hold him in custody through his trial.

The one thing that has always scared Trump is ending up behind bars. Federal prosecutors likely do not want to see Trump locked up because that would only fuel Trump’s narrative that he is being politically persecuted.

However, if Trump would publicly share evidence or witness testimony transcripts, the judge might be in a position where there would be no other option but to remand Trump.

Trump couldn’t stick to the judge’s rules for 24 hours.

The ex-president posted an online threat, and it will be up to the judge to determine if Trump should spend some time behind bars.

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