Judge Chutkan says hearing will happen Friday.

Judge Chutkan Just Showed Trump Who Is The Boss

Last updated on August 10th, 2023 at 01:51 pm

Judge Chutkan rejected Trump’s stall tactics on the protective order hearing and scheduled it for Friday at 10 AM.

Lisa Rubin of NBC News tweeted:

As we noted earlier on Tuesday, Judge Chutkan isn’t buying into any of Trump’s delay and stall tactics. She has rejected previous motions for delay and isn’t tolerating foot-dragging. Things are moving quickly in the Trump 1/6 case because there is no reason for them not to.

Trump and his lawyers have one gameplan and that is to drag this case out past the 2024 election. If Trump wins, he can make the case disappear.

Outside of Judge Aileen Cannon, the courts appear to have developed a very low tolerance for Trump’s behavior. There was no scheduling conflict that would prevent the hearing from being held this week. The judge saw that and gave Trump no benefit of the doubt.

The message here is that Judge Chutkan is in charge.

Donald Trump will likely be going to trial in Washington, DC, and he will be going there quickly.


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