Trump can't campaign for an hour as President Biden cycles

Trump Falls Apart After Less Than An Hour At The Iowa Fair As Biden Beach Bikes

Republicans want to make an issue out of President Biden’s age, but let’s talk about the fact that Donald Trump lasted less than an hour at the Iowa State Fair before he had to leave.

There are conflicting reports about why Trump left after less than an hour at the Iowa State Fair. Without official confirmation, it has been said that the former president was tired, while others say he was not feeling well.

According to the live blog published by The Des Moines Register, Donald Trump lasted less than an hour campaigning at the Iowa State Fair. Trump arrived at the fair at 12:45 PM local time, and he was out of there by 1:32 PM local time. It took Trump longer to fly to Iowa than the time that he spent campaigning and talking to his supporters.

Meanwhile, this is how President Joe Biden spent his Sunday morning:

Trump can’t even campaign without needing to leave, but President Biden is taking bike rides and exercising on a regular basis. Given the incriminating comments that Trump made on Saturday, he would have been better off staying at his club than coming to Iowa.

Trump is only a couple of years younger than Biden but clearly in worse shape.

If Republicans want to discuss the physical health of their likely presidential nominee versus that of the incumbent president, Democrats should welcome that conversation.

Donald Trump’s inability to campaign raises serious questions about his physical fitness for office, and since Trump won’t release his medical records, voters should demand answers about the former president’s health.

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