Donald Trump Jr. on Hannity

Donald Trump Jr. Is Not Taking Daddy’s Georgia Indictment Well

Donald Trump Jr. is trying to rationalize his father’s Georgia indictment with an explanation that is total nonsense, as the Trump family can’t handle justice coming for them.

Trump Jr. tweeted:

Lawyers plotting with a defeated president to seize the presidency through unlawful means is not routine legal work. It is a criminal conspiracy. There is a reason why none of the other people to ever occupy the Oval Office have been charged with the crimes that Trump is alleged to have committed. It doesn’t happen. Trump refused to peacefully transfer power after he lost to Joe Biden.

The former president has no First Amendment right to order Georgia election officials to find him votes to overturn the lawful result that was a Joe Biden victory. Donald Trump was not engaging in First Amendment speech. He was asking public officials in Georgia to commit a crime.

Contrary to what Donald Trump Jr. thinks, rich people being able to commit crimes with no accountability is not what makes America great. American greatness is derived from the fact that not even someone who allegedly committed crimes from within the Oval Office is above the law.

Donald Trump Jr. is railing because his father is being held accountable.

If Donald Trump can be held accountable, so can Donald Trump Jr.

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