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Ivanka Trump Shown Proof That She Was Conned By Her Own Dad

New York prosecutors showed Ivanka Trump evidence during her testimony that she and her brothers were conned by their father on the Old Post Office deal.

Lisa Rubin tweeted:

Trump had guaranteed the loan for the Old Post Office purchase personally, but instead of using his own money, he conned his adult children into giving him money out of their trust to meet the obligation.

In other words, Trump conned his kids into paying his loan obligation.

Donald Trump’s loyalty is only to money, specifically getting other people’s money.

Trump would rip off anyone if it would mean more money for him.

Ivanka Trump was supposed to be favorite kid, and he even ripped her off.

Trump’s daughter spent her testimony trying to play dumb about the family business which according to the state of New York was not real estate, but fraud.

Maybe Ivanka Trump didn’t know anything because she appeared not to know that her dad was ripping her off.

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