Trump gets booed at Sneaker Con.

Trump Doesn’t Have The Sneakers That He Is Selling

Former President Trump is hawking Trump sneakers, but the fine print on the website says Trump doesn’t actually have the shoes.

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Here is the fine print:

Trump’s shoes aren’t shipping until July or August of 2024, so he got booed at Sneaker Con and didn’t even have the shoes. Imagine if you went to buy a new pair of shoes, and when you picked out the pair you wanted, the store said that will be $400, but we don’t have your shoes, but we promise we’ll send them to you later after they are ordered.

That is what Trump is doing. The shoes aren’t out of stock or backordered. There is no stock. Trump is taking orders for a product that, given his history, he may never deliver.

Anyone who buys or walks around in a pair of Trump shoes is outing themselves as a potential fascist with a lot of issues, but the people buying these might be even more gullible than the MAGAs who are donating to a GoFundMe to pay the $355 million fraud judgment against Trump.

Never ever take anything Trump says or does at face value. He may have shown up in Philadelphia with a pair of shoes, but that doesn’t mean that he actually has the shoes.

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