District Judge Assails Florida GOP’s “Election-Rigging” War on Voting

“’I know it (obscenity) when I see it.’ Likewise, this Court knows disenfranchisement when it sees it and it is obscene.”

Republicans Start a New Super PAC Intended to Make It Harder For You to Vote

Republicans have created a new conservative super PAC to support Republican secretaries of state that will pursue restrictive voter laws, purge voter rolls, and generally kill the democratic process.

Florida GOP Sec of State Suddenly Cares About Voter Intimidation

Ken Detzner, silent about the GOP firm accused of voter registration fraud against Democrats, jumped into action when he thought Republicans were targeted.

Republicans Secretly Continue To Purge Voters In Florida

In Florida, while agreeing to a settlement with voter advocacy groups that had sued over the voter purge, behind the curtain Florida's Republicans continues with the purge.