Republicans Admit That Obstruction Of Obama SCOTUS Nominee Is Petty Political Payback

Sen. Lindsey Graham admitted that Senate Republicans are obstructing Obama's Supreme Court nominee because they are still upset that Democrats changed the filibuster rules in 2013.

Al Franken Blasts Mitch McConnell On Senate Floor For Blocking Obama SCOTUS Nominee

Al Franken McConnell obstruct Obama Supreme Court nominee

Sen. Al Franken (D-MN) took to the Senate floor to blast Mitch McConnell and Senate Republicans while revealing the absurdity of their argument against considering President Obama's Supreme Court nominee.

Hillary Clinton Blasts Shameful Republicans For Blocking Obama Supreme Court Nominee

hillary clinton economic speech

Hillary Clinton unloaded on Senate Republicans for putting partisanship ahead of statesmanship by obstructing President Obama's Supreme Court nominee.

Explosive New Polls Show GOP Poised To Lose Senate Seats If They Block Obama SCOTUS Nominee

Polls Obstruction of Obama SCOTUS Nominee could cost Republicans the Senate

Two new polls of Ohio and Pennsylvania revealed that voters are outraged over the Republican plan to block President Obama's Supreme Court nominee. The anger is so strong that it could cost the GOP incumbent Senate seats in both states.

Paul Ryan Tells A Huge Lie While Urging Republicans To Block Obama’s SCOTUS Nominee

While citing no facts or precedent, Speaker Of The House Paul Ryan lied while calling on Republicans to block President Obama's Supreme Court nominee.