Rove Warns GOP: Focusing Solely on Base Will Lead to 2020 Disaster

The politics of Donald Trump’s shutdown are beginning to worry some big-time Republican operatives.

Opinion polls show that while Trump has increased his approval ratings with Republican voters during the shutdown, he has lost significant ground with many important voting groups, such as independents and non-college educated white voters. These are both crucial demographics for a Republican presidential victory in 2020. read more

Fox News Editorial Warns Trump to End the Shutdown ‘Now’

A Fox News editorial published yesterday says that if Donald Trump doesn’t end his shutdown soon he will have no chance of being reelected as president in 2020.

Since the shutdown began, numerous polls have shown President Donald Trump’s disapproval rating increasing to record highs. In addition, his approval rating, which has been steady since becoming president, has slipped to new low levels. read more

Trump Aide Says Record Shutdown is a ‘Free Vacation’ for Furloughed Workers

The partial government shutdown became the longest in U.S. history as of midnight last night, a dubious accomplishment for the record-shattering presidency of Donald Trump.

The impasse between Trump and Congress has left hundreds of thousands of federal workers, as well as millions of federal contractors, with no income. The shutdown is causing real financial harm to millions of people and their families. And still, there is no end in sight and in fact the negotiating parties seem farther apart than ever. read more

Trump Thinks Shutdown Fight Will Distract Democrats From Investigations

White House officials are hoping that Trump’s government shutdown has created a situation that will benefit him politically as we move into the new year.

According to a new report in The Daily Beast,Trump and his aides believe that the fight over a government funding bill will distract the Nancy Pelosi and the new Democratic majority in the House from pursuing investigations into him and his family. read more