Romney Returns: Big Money Republicans Working On a Deal To Make Mitt The 2016 Nominee

Romney Returns: Big Money Republicans Working On a Deal To Make Mitt The 2016 Nominee

Mitt Romney

It is being reported that Mitt Romney wants to be the 2016 Republican nominee, and the millionaires and billionaires who bankroll the GOP are trying to make it happen.

Not only is Mitt Romney interesting in being the 2016 Republican nominee, but the big money donors in the Republican Party want him to be their candidate. The big money event that Romney held in Utah wasn’t designed to help other potential 2016 GOP candidates, but to let the big wallets know that ol’ Mitt still wants to be in the running for president business.

According to former Republican Rep. John LeBoutillier, there are a series of conditions being worked on to get the 2012 nominee the 2016 nomination, “Mitt Romney wants the GOP donor class to pledge all the money to him — up front — as a means of scaring other possible serious candidates out of the race so that he can preserve the money for the general election. He wants the field cleared — the same way the Democratic field is being cleared right now for Hillary — so that he, too, can arrive at the GOP convention Fresh, Full of money and ready to Feast on Hillary — and President Obama’s — record. If these conditions are met, he will make a third run for the White House.”

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LeBoutillier also wrote that Mitt and Ann Romney haven’t gotten over the 2012 defeat and that they blame the loss on the Republican primary system forcing Rommney to move too far to the right to capture the nomination. This is why Romney wants fewer GOP primary debates, and the 2016 field cleared for him before he will run.

Romney got his wish on the primary process, as the RNC has compacted everything and cut the number of debates from twenty-four to five. He will have a much more difficult time convincing the rest of the Republican wannabe presidents not to run. Rand Paul is already running. Ted Cruz looks primed for a vanity campaign. Chris Christie still thinks that he could be president, and Scott Walker is making noises  about a presidential campaign while dodging Johnny Law in Wisconsin.

Romney has been looking a lot like a 2016 candidate, but he wants the nomination handed to him. It is as if Mitt and Ann Romney’s belief that they are entitled to occupy the White House now extends to the Republican nomination.

There is something fundamentally un-American about the idea that the preference of the voters doesn’t matter when it comes to picking a nominee. Democrats may clear the field for Hillary Clinton, which wouldn’t be a wise idea in my view, but Clinton is wildly popular within the Democratic Party. Mitt Romney doesn’t enjoy the same popularity and support within the Republican Party.

It makes sense that the millionaires and billionaires would want Romney to run again. After all, who could better protect their interests than one of their own? If the Republican Party can’t find a viable candidate, and they want to run someone who can beat Rand Paul, don’t be surprised if they give Mr. 47% another chance to be their nominee.

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