George Zimmerman Loses Lawsuit; It’s Not NBC’s Fault He Appears to be a Racist

George Zimmerman Loses Lawsuit; It’s Not NBC’s Fault He Appears to be a Racist

As you might be aware by now, George Zimmerman, the man who chased down an unarmed child carrying a bag of Skittles and shot him, feels that he’s the victim in pretty much any situation. So it’s not a surprise that he sued NBC for making him out to be a racist by using his own words.

A Florida court found Monday that NBC did not try to make Zimmerman out to be a racist with malicious intent. (Hint: It wasn’t his words but rather his actions that made him appear to be a racist.)

Zimmerman accused NBC of maliciously editing his 911 call to make him appear racist. According to The Wrap, “A Florida judge granted NBC’s motion for summary judgment against Zimmerman, saying he had not met the legal standard to prove malicious intent.”

Zimmerman called 911 the night of Feb. 26, 2012 to report a man — who turned out to be the 17-year-old Martin — whom he believed was behaving suspiciously.

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“This guy looks like he’s up to no good,” Zimmerman told the 911 operator. The operator asked about the man’s race, and Zimmerman responded, “he looks black.”

NBC edited out a question to which Zimmerman responded and his words — coupled with his suspicion and subsequent killing of the person he identified as black — made him sound racist, especially given that he had no reason to be suspicious of Trayvon Martin’s existence in the neighborhood.

But he can’t prove that NBC was trying to make him sound like a racist and it’s hardly NBC’s fault that George Zimmerman finds 17-year-old black boys walking home while wearing a hoodie — like the rest of America’s youth — to be “suspicious”. It is also not NBC’s fault that Zimmerman got out of his car and chased down this innocent 17-year-old for no reason, instigating a confrontation out of nowhere for as of yet unknown reasons other than Zimmerman found him to be “suspicious”.

It’s telling that right-wing hero George Zimmerman felt entitled to sue NBC over how they put his own words, but he also felt entitled to shoot and kill a young boy for wearing a hoodie. Talk about malicious intentions and taking things out of context…

George Zimmerman is the ultimate right-wing perpetual victim. He is, after all, the person who demanded that the African American community apologize to him after he chased down, shot and killed an innocent boy. The Right has had him on a cross for killing Trayvon Martin and then again for threatening his girlfriend and wife. He’s quite the hero. No personal responsibility for his own actions or words, but a lot of festering feelings of persecution and entitlement.

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