Hillary Rodham Clinton Going To Charlotte NC To Join Kay Hagan For An Early Vote Event

Hillary Rodham Clinton Going To Charlotte NC To Join Kay Hagan For An Early Vote Event


On October 25, Hillary Clinton and North Carolina Senator Kay Hagan will appear together for an early vote event at the convention center in Charlotte, North Carolina.  Early voting begins this Thursday, October 23.

Senator Hagan’s spokeswoman, Sadie Weiner made the announcement on the weekend in a statement.

Kay and our campaign are so pleased to have Hillary Clinton join us in North Carolina to encourage early voting and talk about the importance of building an economy that works for everyone. Getting out the vote could not be more important this year and Kay is excited to have Hillary Clinton join her on the campaign trail to get voters to the polls for early voting, which begins on October 23rd

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Tickets are free and they are required to enter the event.

Hagan has a slim lead over Tillis in most polls, which means every vote counts. Clinton’s appearance with Senator Hagan follows an appearance she made with Alison Lundergan Grimes in Kentucky.  Grimes is in another tight race, but it looks increasingly like she is poised to unseat the Republican Minority Leader, Mitch McConnell.

People have their own criteria to decide who they will support at election time.  Some people vote along party lines.  Others look at the candidates’ records and policy objectives.

North Carolina voters have the benefit of looking at the respective records of Senator Kay Hagan and her opponent, Republican House Speaker Thom Tillis.

Yes, Hagan supports Affordable Health Care, she cares about equal pay and raising the minimum wage and other issues that Democrats care about.  Like most of America, she supports marriage equality and believes in creating opportunities for everyone.  Kay Hagan believes that families, not governments, should decide the size of their families.  Yes, she did vote with Democrats 88% of the time.

At times, Hagan differs with the President and she says so.  One example of that is her view that temporary travel bans should be part of a comprehensive plan to deal with Ebola.

We have yet to see if Tillis would part company with the Republican leadership.  George Stephanopoulos asked him that question twice, and twice Tillis dodged.  His stated positions are cookie cutter Tea Party Republican policies.  He supports vote suppression. While he believes government should stay out of a corporation’s business, he believes that governments should dictate who people can love and make women’s reproductive health decisions. When Tillis has to choose between giving 500,000 North Carolinians access to health care and giving rich corporations a tax break, he’ll side with corporate welfare every time.  When it comes to offering fear or solutions, Tillis is more likely to offer fear, as he did with other Republicans on the Ebola situation.

Ultimately the choice is a simple one between Kay Hagan who believes in the dignity, freedom and equality of every human being and Thom Tillis who believes in the subservience of every human being to the “rights and freedoms” of the rich and their corporations.

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