GOP Sociopaths, Not God, Don’t Want Americans To Have Medical Care

GOP Sociopaths, Not God, Don’t Want Americans To Have Medical Care

It is a good bet that many Americans think they do not personally know a certified sociopath, but they certainly are very familiar with an inordinate number of them in a specific group. Any person whose behavior is antisocial, even criminal, and devoid of moral responsibility or social conscience, is a sociopath. Republicans and their supporters are sociopaths on myriad levels, but none as blatantly obvious as their utter disregard for the suffering of other Americans. Since 2009 it has been painfully obvious that Republicans or their supporters do not want Americans to have access to healthcare whatsoever, and it is particularly curious because they claim to be devout followers of Christ.

Over the past couple of weeks, and days, Republicans have invoked the god of their bible to justify keeping millions of Americans injured, sick, and dying. Of course, Republicans in Congress did not invoke their deity when they proposed a budget eliminating healthcare for 16.5 million Americans, but they do not want Americans to get relief from illness, disease, and injury because they lack any morality or social consciences; many human beings would say what they are doing is criminal even if their god informs their immoral ideology.

In announcing his candidacy for the presidency at a Christian “college,” evangelical freak Ted Cruz intimated that God hates the idea of Americans having access to, and paying for, affordable healthcare insurance. Cruz said, “From the dawn of this country, at every stage America has enjoyed God’s providential blessing and when we face impossible odds the American people rose to the challenge, such as repealing Obamacare.” Cruz likely has a fairly substantial support group that agrees with him that god will bless Republicans if they prevent over 16 million Americans from having access to healthcare; it is neo-American Christianity at its finest.

Earlier in the month, Cruz told religious fanatics at CPAC that the only reason any American suffers from health issues is because they are not faithful Christian fanatics. Cruz said, “There would be less cancer, less disease, and aids and diabetes in this country if people would simply pray. God blesses the righteous with good health and curses the immoral with sickness.” It is unlikely that Cruz depends on prayer for his medical care because taxpayers provide it for him, and since he is inherently immoral, his god is certainly not blessing him with good health; especially mental health. However, Cruz is not the only religious Republican who invoked the almighty to oppose healthcare for millions of Americans.

During a conference call with Wisconsin state legislators organized by a conservative belief-tank, the Foundation for Government  Accountability, Paul Ryan (R-WI) was asked what states should do if the Koch-Court strikes down health insurance subsidies in the Affordable Care Act. Specifically, the question centered on what a Koch-favorable ruling would mean for states using the federal health insurance exchanges. Ryan was asked specifically if the states should quickly set up their own system to prevent people from losing healthcare. Ryan said, “Oh God NO!! The last thing anybody wants to do is consign your state to this law;” the law that allows millions of Americans to keep their health insurance.

Ryan told the state legislators to “hold firm” in wiping out access to healthcare and promised that Republicans would come up with their own “Obamacare alternative” real soon. Ryan said that when Republicans got around to it, the mystery bill would revive pre-ACA limited coverage insurance plans in states that did not want to set up their own exchanges. Ryan continued that “If people blink and if people say I’m just going to sign up for a state-based exchange and put my constituents in Obamacare, then this opportunity will slip through your fingers.” Republicans will never allow an opportunity to prevent Americans from having medical coverage slip through their fingers and Ryan was emphatic that, “Oh God NO” do not help your constituents have access to medical care.

It is unlikely Republicans will come up with a replacement plan, particularly when they have been promising one for five years. Some Republicans are very excited about an imaginary plan that gives Republican states the power to strip the Affordable Care Act’s ‘restrictions’ on the healthcare industry such as the requirement that all plans provide certain minimum benefits, and the requirement that insurers sell to customers equally regardless of their medical history. The Republican plan is reverting back to the health insurance industry’s status quo prior to enactment of the ACA. It may be worse according to Ryan’s own words that Republicans will “revive limited coverage plans” consisting of high premiums and no coverage.

Ryan did not guarantee that if the Koch Justices strike down the subsidies for Republican states that Congress would necessarily craft and pass a replacement law, but he encouraged legislators to hold firm, celebrate their constituents losing their healthcare insurance, and prevent them from ever getting it back again. The only thing Ryan did not tell Republicans is that it was god’s will the people were thrown off healthcare, or that they should heed Ted Cruz’s wise counsel and get down on their knees and “simply pray because god blesses the righteous with good health.”

Republican and conservative sociopaths do not want any American to have access to affordable healthcare insurance; period. A god has nothing to do with it and if one exists it could not care less, unless Republicans are god. In fact the case the Koch Court is considering was brought by a conservative group with no stake in the ACA other than “stripping millions of American families of tax credits Congress intended them to have” to purchase health insurance. Republicans are cheering for the conservative Court to abolish the subsidies in 36 states and give insurance companies free rein to revert back to pre-ACA status and prevent millions of Americans from having healthcare coverage.

The crusade to eliminate healthcare for Americans is not reserved to conservative attacks on ACA subsidies. In both the House and Senate budget proposals, the ACA is repealed, Medicare, Medicaid, and the children’s CHIP healthcare program are slated for deep Draconian cuts to keep tens-of-millions of Americans of all ages sick and dying. It is, no matter how one looks at it, the definition of evil to deliberately strip basic healthcare from human beings, and insanity to invoke some god as justification for social immorality What defines sheer stupidity is the wide measure of support Republicans garner from the people who will either lose, or never have, basic healthcare coverage; particularly when they consider themselves righteous. If Republicans are successful, their supporters will remain ‘righteous’ while they suffer diseases, infirmities, and death while they simply pray for relief that is never going to come.

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