Jeb Bush Blows Off Oregon Mass Shooting Deaths by Saying “Stuff Happens”

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Friday, October 2nd, 2015, 4:21 pm


Former Governor Jeb Bush seems to have inherited the same gene as his brother, former President George W. Bush when it comes to fumbling mouth syndrome.

Speaking at a Conservative Leadership Project presidential forum at Furman University in Greenville, South Carolina, Bush responded to calls for gun control arguing, “Stuff happens.”

Ryan Lizza of the New Yorker tweeted Friday afternoon, “In Greenville, South Carolina, Jeb Bush, arguing against calls for gun control after major tragedy, says, ‘stuff happens.'”

Full context:

And in case anyone thinks he was taken out of context, Bush was asked to follow up on the “stuff happens” and yes, he meant it because “Things happen all of the time.”

Reporter: “Was ‘stuff happens’ a mistake then?”
Bush: “No, it wasn’t a mistake. I said exactly what I said. What would you explain to me what I said wrong.”
Reporter: “Well you said ‘stuff happens’.”
Bush: “Things happen all of the time. Things. Is that better?”

The end.

America has a gun problem that is so out of control, it dwarfs the deaths from terrorism. To this fact, Jeb Bush says, “Stuff happens.”

This is insanity. It makes no sense. There is no justification for this other than being in the pocket of the NRA, which is now more about the gun industry than gun owners.

2016 Democratic presidential candidate and former Governor Martin O’Malley was not impressed. He tweeted to Bush, “.@JebBush “stuff happens”? That “stuff” is innocent lives lost. These are preventable tragedies. We must act on gun safety now. -O’M”

Why is it that only Democratic presidential candidates are willing to call out the lack of responsible gun laws in this country?

Where are the moderate Republicans? They must be hiding with the “compassionate conservatives”.

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