The Big Dog (Bill Clinton) May Take A Bite Out Of Trump While Campaigning For Hillary Clinton

The Big Dog (Bill Clinton) May Take A Bite Out Of Trump While Campaigning For Hillary Clinton

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The Clinton campaign announced that former President Bill Clinton will be in New Hampshire to campaign for former Sec. of State Hillary Clinton. It is a safe bet that he will have a few choice words for Donald Trump.

In a statement, the Clinton campaign announced the former president’s swing through the Granite State:

President Bill Clinton’s first campaign trip for Hillary Clinton in 2016 will be to New Hampshire for a series of grassroots organizing events on Monday, January 4th. He will discuss how Hillary Clinton will make a difference for families in the Granite State and across the country.

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President Clinton knows that the stakes are higher than ever this election year. He knows the people of New Hampshire want a president who will create shared prosperity so that everyone has a chance at a brighter future. And, he knows Hillary Clinton is prepared to do that job.

The Clinton campaign is sending the former president in to help out with the close New Hampshire Democratic primary, but the Clinton camp has expertly juggled the Democratic primary while keeping an eye on the general election.

Part of what is at stake in 2016 is whether or not voters are going to let an unqualified village idiot with a big checkbook run the country.

Donald Trump has spent days trying to attack Bill Clinton, and Democrats have been dropping some not subtle hints that Trump is going to regret getting what he wished for.

The Clinton political strategy has always been not to sit back and be attacked. Former President Clinton’s stump speech in New Hampshire will focus on the campaign, Hillary Clinton’s qualifications, and what is at stake for the country’s future.

However, Donald Trump is playing a dangerous game. The reality television billionaire could soon find himself being schooled by one of modern US history’s great politicians.

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