Trump Calls Art of the Deal Ghostwriter a ‘Dope’ and ‘Basket Case’ And Loses Huge

"I'm the 'irrelevant dope' and 'basket case' who wrote Art of the Deal @realDonaldTrump. You called it second best book ever written."

Trump Calls Art of the Deal Ghostwriter a ‘Dope’ and ‘Basket Case’ And Loses Huge

Donald Trump has been busy working over (or rather, trying to work over) Tony Schwartz, his ghostwriter for The Art of the Deal (1987) who isn’t exactly a Trump supporter.

Schwartz has been very forthcoming with his feelings about Trump, saying that “Trump reveres Putin. He wants Putin’s power. He wants to be a dictator. Every American — every American — should be terrified about that,” and that “the breadth of Trump’s ignorance and malevolence was breathtaking,”

Trump was more than happy to demonstrate the truth of this assertion in typical Trump fashion, tweeting,

“Dummy writer @tonyschwartz, who wanted to do a second book with me for years (I said no), is now a hostile basket case who feels jilted!”


“I havn’t [sic] seen @tonyschwartz in many years, he hardly knows me. Never liked his style. Super lib, Crooked H supporter. Irrelevant dope!'”

Because he has something to say about Trump that doesn’t jibe with Trump’s self-narrative, Schwartz must be dismissed as a “basket case”; “crooked”; and a “dope.”

Schwartz nimbly put Trump in his place with a pair of tweets (here and here) of his own:

(Trump’s first favorite book, he claims, is the Bible) and,

If Chris Wallace isn’t prepared to fact check, Tony Schwartz is. And Trump didn’t come out the winner, with Schwartz delivering a scathing parting shot:

Trump likes to bully; he likes to marginalize and delegitimize his opponents in the most brutal, dismissive fashion possible. He found out that not all his victims are ready to roll over, but will roll up their sleeves and give better than they got.

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