Obama Picks Up Oregon Newspaper Endorsement

ImageThe Eugene Register-Guard of Eugene, OR today published a ringing endorsement of Barack Obama. The paper pointed out that the choice facing Democrats should be a happy one, “The historic choice facing Democrats ought to be a happy one: Their nominee either will be the first woman or the first African-¬American to head a major party’s presidential ticket, and both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are candidates of extraordinary talent. Yet the Democratic campaign has turned ugly…”

The editors wrote that Obama offered a chance at a fresh political chapter, “Voters should grasp the opportunity to open a new chapter — a chapter with a fresh political vocabulary, elevated discourse and rekindled hopes. Obama offers that opportunity, and Oregon Democrats should support him in the May 20 primary election. Clinton has the misfortune of being inextricably associated with the politics of the past — a misfortune not entirely of her own making.”

An interesting point was brought up about Clinton always being haunted by the ghosts of her husband’s administration, “Clinton has a well-developed plan for health care reform, but if she sent it to Congress as president, her proposal surely would be examined through the lens of the failed plan she crafted in 1993. Clinton’s positions on issues of trade have evolved, but no one would forget that the North American Free Trade Agreement was a product of her husband’s administration. Name any issue — from taxes to Cabinet appointments, from public lands management to defense — and the ghosts of the 1990s would be standing over Clinton’s shoulder.”

The endorsement concluded, “He (Obama) is the best orator to seek the presidency in a generation. His candidacy has captured the imagination of young Americans and has reached far across the partisan divide. He would represent to the world a new face of America. The themes of his campaign — hope, unity, optimism — are right for darkening times. Oregon has a rare moment of relevance in the nominating process. Oregon Democrats should use it to give Barack Obama the chance to become the first Democratic president of the 21st century.”

The editorial board of this paper really put its finger on the national pulse. If there is one sentiment that I hear most often it is that people are tired of Clintons and Bushs. Many feel like the nation needs a fresh face and voice, so while Hillary Clinton is picking up the insignificant endorsement of the far right wing Pittsburgh Tribune Review, Barack Obama continues to build the national momentum to propel him to the White House.

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